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Branch of Joint Stock Company "INTEGRAL"


1962: By enactment No. 1000-425 of the CPSU Central Committee and the Council of Ministers of the USSR dd 29.09.1962, there was founded Minsk lamp factory which by decree No. 318-pc of the Council of Ministers of the USSR dd 19.02.1966 was then placed at the disposal of the Ministry of Electronic Industry of the USSR and was named Minsk Transistor Plant.

1967: Commencement of commodity output. Shipments of the first 37,000 pieces simplest germanium transistors GT322.

1968: First year of operation of Minsk Transistor Plant. By the end of the year the enterprise had two production departments, four auxiliary workshops, two self-dependent divisions.

1969: Setting up 1KK production line for germanium transistors. Establishment of basic functional divisions of the enterprise, in-house development department and trial production workshop, one more assembly division. The number of employees increased to 4182 people. During the year there were produced 6 million devices.

1981: Produced 101.3 million transistors

1995: The plant became the leader in the CIS in the production output of MOSFETs.

1996: By order No. 261 dd 31.12.1996 of the Ministry of Industry of RB, Minsk Transistor Plant was renamed to State-Owned Enterprise (SE) Transistor Plant. In 1996 the enterprise produced 6.4 million ICs and 149.6 million semiconductor devices. The growth rate of export amounted 133.3% with respect to the previous year.

1999: Transistor Plant was successfully certified to ISO 9002. The growth rate of commodity output amounted 121.7%, and export — 108.1%. Profitability increased to 24.9%.

2000: By order No. 360 dd 23.08.2000 of the Ministry of Industry of RB, SE Transistor Plant was renamed to Republican Unitary Production Enterprise Transistor Plant. The output of ICs reached 125 million pieces, semiconductors — 89 million. Production growth rate amounted 124%, export increased by 10.7%.

2003: Launching a wide line of new products which allowed to strengthen the positions in the markets of South-East Asia. Significant growth of deliveries to Russia. This provided 51.7% upturn of the volumes of export deliveries in 2003 with respect to 2002.

2006: UE Transistor Plant continues its resolute progression while ramping its production volumes and export deliveries. Much emphasis is placed on the development and launching of new products and on the introduction of new processes in production.


16, Korzhenevskogo Str., Minsk
Republic of Belarus 220108

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16, Korzhenevskogo Str., Minsk
Republic of Belarus 220108
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